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Guest Editorial – Tea Party – Angry? (10/29/10)

Hi – I'm Scott Reed of the Louisville Tea Party.

You've seen the headlines: "Angry." "Radical." "Extremists." And the most absurd label of them all: "Racist." And those are just the words we CAN repeat. But if someone was siphoning money out of your bank account, wouldn't you get angry? If someone was stealing from your kids' college fund, wouldn't you be upset? If strangers had broken into your house while you were on vacation, set up housekeeping and not only would not leave, but demanded that you provide them food, shelter, medical care and an education, all at YOUR expense…should your outrage be considered "extreme?"

Every one of these things ARE happening today—and on a national scale—right under our noses.

We are your Louisville Tea Party. And we believe that:

• requiring our elected leaders to stop spending America into oblivion,

• expecting them to secure our borders-- to protect our citizens against enemies both foreign and domestic,

• and demanding that they operate within the limits of the very Constitution they swore to uphold--- isn't at all "extreme"…

….It's just plain common sense.

That's our Point of View. Visit us at and tell us yours.

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