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Courier-Journal Bias – More Obvious Than Ever (11/1/10)

If you asked Rush Limbaugh who you should vote for Tuesday, every candidate he recommended would be a Republican. And that wouldn't surprise you, would it? If you asked Bill Clinton who you should vote for, everyone he'd recommend would be a Democrat, and again, you wouldn't be surprised.

With those two, you know they have a bias. And that's OK because they aren't pretending to be otherwise.

With the Courier-Journal, you have to be a little more careful. They present themselves as impartial observers. They invite each candidate to meet with their editorial advisory board and interview them to create the appearance of fairness and open-mindedness. Then they give their endorsement -- and it's almost always to a Democrat.

There are many fine Democrats year after year who are the best candidates. That's not my issue. But if you take the newspaper into the voting booth with you and cast your vote for the candidates they endorse because you figure they know better than you, I'm just saying what they know may not have much to do with who they endorse.

Look for yourself. This year, once again, in all the major races they have endorsed a Democrat. They've even taken a couple swipes this past week at Mitch McConnell -- who isn't even running this year.

But to top it all off, last Friday they ran a shameful front page article implying that because Republican Hal Heiner failed to volunteer information about his first marriage and subsequent divorce nearly 40 years ago this somehow makes him a flawed candidate for Mayor. Given how hard they try to portray any Republican in the worst possible light, Heiner must be an absolute saint if that's all they've got on him!

If you're a fan of crossword puzzles, comic strips and race results, the Courier-Journal's a fine publication. But if you're looking for impartial, unbiased information regarding political races, it's worthless.

What do you think? Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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