LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB Fox 41) -- John Yarmuth won the Kentucky 3rd District race over Todd Lally on Tuesday night.  "I am so grateful to you and to the community for showing your confidence in me," he said.

Yarmuth, however, called his victory bittersweet:  "It's clear that we have a country that's fiercely divided, a country that has, in many cases, succumbed to demagoguery, to falsehoods, to crazy rhetoric, and to basically a sense that reality and facts don't matter."  Yarmuth said he remained committed to a "reality-based" government.

John Yarmuth has served two terms as Kentucky's Third District Representative. Before being elected to Congress, he was best known for founding the Louisville Eccentric Observer, which most people know as LEO, in 1990.

Yarmuth's website says he worked from 1971 to 1974 as a legislative aide to Kentucky Senator Marlow Cook. He is also a former publisher of Louisville Today and has worked in University Relations at U of L and as Vice President of a local healthcare firm.

Yarmuth has defended President Obama's Re-investment and Recovery Act, saying the bill has created new jobs such as the 800 being added at GE's Appliance Park.

He said this has been a tough election year on democrats, as Nancy Pelosi and President Obama were attacked in advertisements.

"I almost wish there were another podium here tonight, because I feel like Nancy Pelosi has been in this campaign, the whole time," he said jokingly, as the crowd laughed. "And Nancy ought to take a victory lap with me, and maybe President Obama as well."

"The disservice, the disrespect that has been leveled on them has been so outrageous and so unjustified that it makes me really fear for this country," he continued.

Yarmuth says he will focus on debt and jobs as he heads back to Washington. "Probably number one priority is going to be how do we deal with the long term debt and entitlement programs because ultimately dealing with that will make a difference as to how many jobs we can create," said Yarmuth.

Todd Lally is an Atherton High School graduate and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Kentucky Air National Guard, having served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. According to his website, Lally has received two Air Medals. The site says he currently flies international routes for UPS. Lally recently served on the Executive Committee of the Republican Party in Jefferson County.

During his campaign, Lally vowed to provide stability to small businesses. He also said he wanted to see only an East End bridge built, not a downtown bridge, and he criticized his opponent John Yarmuth's support of President Obama's Re-investment and Recovery Act.