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Plenty of Money – Too Many Commitments (11/9/10)

Government's purpose is to pool citizens' resources to provide necessary things we can't efficiently provide ourselves -- like military defense, roads and bridges, schools, and police and fire protection.

Over time, government grew and took on more responsibility, such as regulating the sale of food and medicine and managing a portion of our retirement funds through Social Security. So far so good.

But as government has continued to expand, it's tried to become all things to all people with countless far-reaching social programs. It's tried to take all the risk out of living -- which it was never intended to do -- and stretched itself so thin that in times of recession it doesn't have enough money to fulfill its basic obligations. And in the process, an entire segment of the population has become totally dependent upon government instead of themselves.

Now, as a result, instead of building new roads and bridges –as we should -- we can't even repair the ones we have! Or fully support our schools and universities.

But this isn't because the government has no money. It has plenty of money. It just has too many commitments.

So when you hear people call for smaller government, it's not a bad thing if you keep in mind what government was originally intended to provide. Because when government gets too big it can't do anything well.

What do you think about this?

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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