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Dr. Berman Had the Odds Stacked Against Him (11/23/10)

The Jefferson County School Board has voted not to offer Dr. Sheldon Berman a new contract to continue as superintendent of JCPS.

As someone who's not on the inside, I don't really know precisely how good a job he was doing, but I do know he has one of the toughest jobs in the city.

He reports to a school board that is, in many ways, hand picked by the teachers union. Strike one.

He's a CEO who doesn't get to choose his top managers, the school principals. They are selected by a teachers and parents council at each school. Strike two.

And how about trying to teach in this environment? Sixty two percent of the kids in JCPS are near the poverty line and receive free or reduced lunch, 10,500 kids are considered homeless, 3,500 consider English a second language, and a significant percentage of parents can't be bothered to participate in their child's education. Strike three.

To top it off, the Supreme Court widened the strike zone and told him that he had to find a new way to assign children to schools. The old way that had been working for 35 years wasn't to their liking.

Did Dr. Berman do a great job? I don't know. I wonder if a great job is even possible with so much working against you.

What are your thoughts? Call us and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb…and that's my Point of View.

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