Since it's unlikely we'll ever understand the "Holy War" al-Qaeda has declared against the Western World, all Americans certainly need to be vigilant about security.

But despite the magnitude of 9/11, the real al-Qaeda strategy has been to bleed us to death through a thousand cuts. For example, their latest ploy to threaten planes by shipping bombs disguised as printer cartridges has guaranteed that we'll now spend billions to screen all future cartridge shipments. But once we have that covered, they'll just come at us with something completely different that'll cost us billions more to defend against.

And all we'll be buying with that money is a false sense of security, while creating a prison of fear for ourselves far stronger than anything al-Qaeda could ever come up with.

Given al-Qaeda's total disregard for human lives – including their own – it's impossible to prevent at least some future attacks from occurring. So when we start imposing onerous restrictions on everyday life in the hope of guaranteeing 100% safety for everyone for eternity, I think we're just kidding ourselves.

Would you prefer to live your daily life with minimal (but sensible) security measures, understanding that – like tornadoes and floods – terrorist attacks will occur from time to time? Or severely restrict your quality of life in virtually every phase in an attempt to eliminate all physical risk?

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I'm Bill Lamb and that's my…Point of View.