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Forecast: When was the last time it was this cold?

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41) -- It's cold. Brutally cold. The coldest it's been in a long time. But just how long has it been? Fox 41 Meteorologist Marc Weinberg had the answer in his 11:30 forecast on Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010.

Here's what he had to say:

"This morning we got down to 12 degrees. You may be wondering, ‘When was the last time we got this cold?

It was 14 degrees on February 12th. Now, we got down to 12 or 13 degrees this morning, so basically that's as cold as it's been since February 10 – that's 10 months.

As far as being colder than that, on Jan. 31, we got down to eight degrees.

Basically, we got colder this morning that we've been in the last 10 months.

Now outside, you look and you think, ‘Hey! It looks great! We've got plenty of sunshine across the area!' Then: oh no. It's 22 degrees with our wind chill at 16.

Now temperatures are moving nicely still. We're going to get pretty close to freezing, I think, this afternoon – not that that's a huge achievement, but it's still getting warmer.

Cold air is still dominating our region – but again, it's interesting to note that Little Rock is 15 degrees warmer than we are. We are going to get a warm front moving through. The origin of that air will be what's in Little Rock.

37 isn't warm. But it is warm-er. And that is above the freezing mark.

This next storm is going to be really interesting.

One right now that's very interesting is moving along the Gulf coast. How often do you say that Pensicola is seeing mixed precipitation. How often do you say that just north of Mobile there is snow – in Fall? We don't say that often, but that is exactly what we're seeing.

Now that storm is going to slide off to the south and not bother us, with high pressure controlling us – although we will see a patch of clouds as we go into later parts of the afternoon.

Overnight tonight it looks quiet. Generally clear skies. And then a warm front is going to approach the area tomorrow. Two things happen: first, that gives us cloudy skies. Remember: there's warmer air in Little Rock. That's what's going to be moving in our area in advance of the next system.

We'll see 30 degrees for our high today. We'll see these high clouds during the afternoon, so I'll call it partly cloudy, and winds will be west-northwest at five. Not a strong wind. Cold, but not as bad as it's been.

Tonight we drop back to a low of 15 degrees: a very, very cold night.

We're up at near 50 degrees by Friday.

I really want to emphasize a few things. Saturday is almost a guaranteed rain. Let me say that again: almost a guaranteed rain.

It will transition Saturday night to Sunday morning as light snow. Again, the key term is light snow. I think in Louisville, one-to-three inches will fall. I think we'll probably be on the bottom side of that. The big story will be windy and cold. By Monday morning, we'll be at 14 with wind chills that will likely be zero or below.

Again – the emphasis on the storm – it does not look like a ton of snow. The hard part is going to be the brutal cold that comes in behind."

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