LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41) -- Fox 41 news has learned that 31-year-old Antonio Carney has been indicted on a second rape that he allegedly committed while he was a teenager.

On Monday, Fox41.com told you how a grand jury had indicted Carney for a rape that allegedly took place on July 31, 1996.

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Police said Carney -- who was then 17 -- accosted a woman while she was using a pay phone at a Burger King along Dixie Highway. They said that Carney, along with two accomplices, stole her jewelry and her 1989 Monte Carlo. Then, after one of the suspects drove away in the car, Carney and his accomplices pulled her behind a dumpster and raped her.

In Aug. 2006, police used new technology to link Carney's DNA to the rape.

Carney was arrested on misdemeanor charges in August of this year, and was later arraigned on rape and sexual abuse charges. He was indicted on the Dixie Hwy. rape last Thursday.

Today, Fox 41 News learned that Carney was indicted on a second rape.

According to court documents obtained by Fox 41, police allege that on July 17, 1996 -- just days before the Dixie Hwy. rape -- Carney and two accomplices forced a female victim into her apartment in the 1400 block of Arcade Avenue and raped her twice.

As in the previous incident, police used DNA evidence to tie Carney to that rape in Aug. 2006.

This morning, a grand jury indicted Carney on two counts of rape and one count of unlawful imprisonment in connection with that case.

Louisville Metro Police told Fox 41 News on Monday that Carney may be responsible for multiple rapes. Stay with Fox 41 News. We'll have more information as soon as it becomes available.