LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41) -- Ten years and $55 million later, Louisville residents have a new source of drinking water.

On Friday, the Louisville Water Company dedicated the B.E. Payne Water Treatment Plant for the Riverbank Filtration Project.

Riverbank Filtration uses the earth as a natural filter and provides a cleaner source of water.

The project uses a 1.5 mile tunnel and well system to capture ground water that primarily comes from the Ohio River.

The sand and gravel in the aquifer naturally purify the water.

"The unique part of this project is [that] Louisville Water Company is the first utility in the world to combine a gravity filtration system and tunnel using wells," said Greg Heitzman, president and CEO of the Louisville Water Company.

This facility can pump up to 70 million gallons of water a day.