By Valerie Chinn,

Louisville, KY (WDRB-TV) Parents are looking for places to take their kids on snow days. Some businesses are seeing a 100 percent increase in attendance when kids are out of school.

4th grader Will Moore from Lexington didn't want to stay home on this second snow day. So, instead, his family made the drive to Louisville and he was flying high on the bungee jump at Incredible Dave's on Westport Road.  He says, "It was fun. I really like bungee jumping."

David Lawrence, the Incredible Dave's owner, says he's offering an extra incentive to customers coming there for Thursday's snow day. "Usually we do buy a five dollar player card, we give a five dollar player card for free."

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And, he says, when school is out, business is good, with more and more kids coming there to bowl and do other activities.  "It depends on what day of the week it is. We could see anywhere from 50 to an extra 100" people, he says.

The owner says when there are two snow days in a row, business is even better. That's because on the first day, some people want to stay home. But by the second day, they want to come and play some games.

The only time the business has closed for a snow day was during last year's ice storm. But that was because it lost power.

Lawrence says, "We'll see as much as a 100 percent increase for that day in sales, due to the fact most kids are in school during the day. It's always a good income day for us."

Families like the Kaelins say they will easily spend $100 to play and eat there, but say it's well worth it.

Road conditions in the neighborhoods still remain icy, but those that ventured out say the main roads and interstates are fine.

Moore says he likes snow days, but warns they come at a price. He says, "They are good and bad. We have tests tomorrow. We'll have to make them up after the break" if school is called off again Friday.

Sledding hills are also popular places to take the kids on snow days and they're free. But businesses say when you need to warm up, come to them.

Incredible Dave's says the evenings are busy not with kids, but adults. They're enjoying the bungee jump, bowling, and scavenger hunts throughout the building. Thursday night, Incredible Dave's is hosting the Yum Brand's corporate party.  

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