Time for one more year-end edition of Darts and Laurels.

First, a Laurel goes to the Regional Airport Authority for naming the terminal at Louisville International Airport in honor of outgoing Mayor Jerry Abramson. His impact on this community has been enormous and will last for generations. And it was smart of the Authority board to recognize such a respected public servant by attaching his name to a facility that he played such a large role in reshaping. 

Next, two more Laurels go to the University of Louisville football and men's soccer teams. A little over a year ago, few would have guessed the Football Cards would get back to winning seasons and bowl victories so soon. But Coach Charlie Strong obviously has the rebuilding project ahead of schedule, and he and his staff deserve credit and congratulations.

Meanwhile, Ken Lolla's Soccer Cards gave everyone a thrill with an undefeated season, a national number one ranking and a run to the NCAA title game. Like the women's basketball team and the baseball team before them, the soccer team demonstrated that U of L athletics is now much more than just football and men's basketball. And area sports fans have noticed in a big way.

That's all the time I have, so I'll skip the Darts this time around and just take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy – and safe -- New Year.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.