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Darts and Laurels (1/20/11)

Time for some more Darts and Laurels.

This time, our first Laurel goes to WHAS Radio personality Terry Meiners, who last month celebrated his 25th anniversary on the job. These days, most local radio talent everywhere is being replaced by national syndicated voices like Rush Limbaugh and his clones. But Terry has managed to not only hang on but to thrive, using his lifelong knowledge of this community to create comedy that's not only entertaining but relevant.

But a Dart goes to the Metro Police Department for merely suspending Detective James Adams for 30 days for his role in a fatal car crash last year. Given that he was off-duty and traveling over 80 miles an hour at the time of the wreck, I'm pretty sure that any civilian in the same situation would be facing criminal charges for such reckless driving – so why wasn't he terminated? The police should be required to follow the same traffic laws as everyone else when they're not in pursuit or emergency mode.

And finally, a Laurel goes to Kentucky Representative Lonnie Napier, who's filed a bill in the state house requiring random drug testing of Kentuckians who receive food stamps, Medicaid or other state assistance. This is a situation in which the public has a definite interest, and I don't think it's unreasonable to demand that people receiving government aid play by the rules.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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