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Reconsidering a Hasty Decision (2/8/11)

Next Monday, the Jefferson County Board of Education will decide whether to reconsider its vote not to renew the contract of Superintendent Sheldon Berman -- and I hope they will.

The initial determination was made last November in haste and with virtually no community input. And I believe at least some of the five Board members who voted against retaining Dr. Berman did so out of political motivations unrelated to his performance.

His is one of the county's most difficult jobs, dealing with serious problems that have developed over decades. So how can anyone properly judge his performance after just three and a half years? And what kind of replacement candidates are we likely to attract once we've developed a reputation as a school district with an itchy trigger finger that refuses to give a leader the opportunity to succeed?

It's time for the Board to reconsider this decision in earnest, this time considering the wishes of the entire community. And if they determine they've made a mistake, to correct it.

Here's a map indicating which board members represent the county's seven districts. And the same map can be found by going to and clicking on today's Point of View. Please consult it, and contact your representative before next Monday to let them know how you feel about this issue.

And call us too, to let us know your thoughts.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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