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Special Assignment: Jessica Dishon 11 years later


By:  Jennifer Baileys - Jbaileys@Fox41.com

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WDRB, FOX41) - A killer is still free more than eleven years after the brutal murder of a Bullitt County teen.

A new sheriff wants justice for Jessica Dishon and is making her case a top priority.  "This picture here, it's one of her pictures we got when she passed away," said Mike Dishon.

Few things have changed in Jessica Dishon's bedroom.  Dolls she collected sit untouched. Her favorite stuffed animals line her bed and her dog Prancer still paces the floors.  "When that happened, it about killed me and my wife both," Dishon said.

A lot has changed for Jessica's parents since her death.  Edna and Mike Dishon have recently divorced.  Her father Mike now has a new baby, a little girl.  "She's got dimples that reminds me a lot of Jessica," Dishon said.

One thing that hasn't changed since Jessica's disappearance September 10, 1999, is her parents longing for justice.

"Me and Edna, we always prayed and hoped that one day they would catch the murderer," said Dishon.

Jessica was 17 and a high school senior when she disappeared from her home in Shepherdsville.  "I seen her that morning before I went to work.  I looked in her bedroom and all I seen was the back of her head, she was asleep," said Dishon.

Her body, brutally beaten, was found seventeen days after she disappeared in a wooded area just miles from her home.

In 2001, Police charged Jessica's former neighbor David "Bucky" Brooks with her kidnapping and murder. Two years later, Brooks was freed after a judge declared a mistrial because Bullitt County Sheriff's Detective Charles Mann testified Brooks failed a polygraph test, which is not admissible in court.

"There's been errors made in the case.  I think that a lot of the investigators will tell you there's errors in the case, but we're going to do our best to try to fix those errors," said Sergeant Mike Murdoch.

Murdoch is new to the Bullitt County Sheriff's Department.  He was a Louisville dispatcher when Jessica was killed.

More than eleven years later, he is now the lead investigator on her case, appointed by newly-elected Sheriff Dave Greenwell.  Greenwell was one of the first officers on the scene when Jessica's body was found.  Now the Sheriff has made her case his department's top priority.

"You don't try to take any case personal, but Sheriff Greenwell was directly involved with this case from the beginning.  I think it is somewhat personal to the sheriff that we do get this case solved and also to all of us in Bullitt County," said Sgt. Murdoch.

Murdoch said since Sheriff Greenwell took office earlier this year, two more leads have surfaced.  Those leads are not being made public because of the investigation. Detectives are confident evidence in the two crates of files may contain the key to finding the killer.

"I'm real confident in the way that DNA advancements are happening that a lot of our cold cases like this will be solved," said Murdoch.

An old cross and weathered flowers stand where Jessica's body was found near a river bottom in Shepherdsville.  The area has been filled in which could create even more problems for detectives because any evidence that was left behind is now covered.

Even if more evidence or leads surface, Jessica's father doesn't believe police will ever solve his daughter's case.  "I think that Bucky Brooks was involved in it," said Dishon.

Some would argue Brooks has redeemed himself. In 2005, he risked his own life pulling two children from a burning trailer. But that still doesn't change the mind of a father whose daughter was brutally murdered.

"I want to see him caught, I want to see whoever killed Jessica I want to see them caught and I want to see them get the death penalty," Dishon said.

Anyone who knows anything about Jessica Dishon's murder is being asked to call the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office at (502) 543-1262.

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