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There SHOULDN'T Be A Law (2/17/11)

A big problem with lawmakers is they take their title too seriously. Since we've elected them to make laws, they're determined to make as many as they can whether they're necessary or not.

For example, to halt the illegal production of meth, Kentucky legislators want to require a prescription to buy what are now over-the-counter allergy medications that contain a necessary meth ingredient.

This ill-advised move would cost countless law-abiding citizens millions of dollars -- all in a vain attempt to save a relative minority of idiots from the consequences of their own bad choices.

Then there's the proposal to allow registered independents to vote in Democratic and Republican Party primaries. Why is this a good idea? Do the Wildcats get to have a say in the Cardinals' starting lineup?

If independents want the advantages of party membership, they should choose one and join.

And what about our latest local "adult entertainment" ordinance? I understand these kinds of clubs aren't for everyone, but really – when was the last time anyone was forced to enter one? What kind of danger do they pose?

I predict this law will eventually be overturned just like all its predecessors -- but only after we've wasted another fortune in legal fees.

It's easy to say "There oughta be a law." But sometimes it's much wiser to realize we don't need one.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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