LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB Fox 41) -- Dogs are often referred to as man's best friend -- never leaving your side.  But Barry Bernson found one canine who may not be loyal to man, but is loyal to fast food.

She is the loyal, lonely sentinel -- her age unknown, as is where she came from. But Princess is at her station, in the drive-through lane of the Arby's restaurant on Preston Highway near the Outer Loop seven days a week.

Christy Hazelwood, the assistant manager, tell us, "And customers really do like her, and when they pull up they expect to see Princess. And she's here about 7:30 every morning like clockwork."

Hazelwood remembers the day Princess appeared -- either dropped off or just wandered into the Arby's parking lot: "We started feeding her 'cause we started feeling sorry for her -- she was a puppy and she just needed to eat. Little by little, she just kept hanging around the store and never has left. It's been over two years."

When the store closes, Princess walks down the block to spend the night in the garage of a nearby home. Once someone adopted her. Next day -- she found her way back to Arby's, something like two and a half miles away.

Hazelwood says, "Yes, that's a long way. And so they decided just to leaver her here -- that's where she's happy."  Happy, but not especially friendly.  "She can't be touched," Hazelwood says. "She's scared of people. So apparently she's been abused long ago."

Apparently, Princess doesn't subscribe to the corporate slogan, Good Mood Food. But she does appreciate the diet according to Hazelwood: "Customers bring dog bones, they leave bags here for her....She's real picky, customers will buy her stuff, she will not eat fries, ham, bacon, cheese -- she eats roast beef sandwiches, you have to open it up for her, separate the bun, separate it from the meat."

It's a dog's life -- just one Princess does not choose to live in a house, like a regular canine.  Hazelwood says, "She lays in the drive-through and the grass, rolls around, smells people's tires, begs for food, eats -- just here and wanting attention."

And why not? In a dog-eat-dog world, one can delight in regular sandwiches, plenty of fresh air -- and in finding a safe place.