LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB Fox 41) -- Louisville Metro Police say a Manual High School teacher found partially naked with a 17-year-old student in a car could face even more charges.

Tuesday afternoon the school sent home a letter to parents.  Du Pont Manual Principal Larry Wooldrige says in the letter, "Due to Ms. Carrie Shafer's recent resignation, I am working with teachers in the science department to place a qualified teacher in the affected Advanced Anatomy/ Physiology and Biology classes."

Shafer left her job after police on a routine patrol found two parked cars in Miles Park in Eastern Jefferson County on Friday night after the park closed.  Police say one car was hers in the handicapped parking, and the other was her 17-year-old student's car.

LMPD Spokesman Dwight Mitchell says, "When the officer approached the vehicle, the windows were steamed.  When the officer eventually got to it, with windows rolled down, there was a female and male inside the vehicle."

Police say the two were partially nude and wouldn't comment on what they were doing.  They say a used condom and several used wet wipes were found outside their vehicles.  Police say the officer also smelled alcohol and say both had been drinking beer.

The 17-year-old told police Shafer let him drink from her can of beer while they were walking around the park.

Fox 41 News tried to get Shafer's side of the story at her house, but no one answered the door.  She also helped run the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Chapter at Manual.

FCA issued a statement saying it was, "very saddened to learn of the charges being brought against Carrie Shafer who had served FCA as a huddle sponsor prior to her resignation as a teacher on Sunday. FCA maintains high standards of morality and personal conduct for all our volunteers, such as Mrs. Shafer was."

Her neighbors say she also has two young children.  Shafer is now charged with unlawful transaction with a minor and faces a fine for parking in a handicapped zone.

Mitchell explains, "The other charges that could possibly be put on here is sexual abuse charge...person who exercises control of authority of individual under the age of 18 could be charged with that."

The Manual RedEye, an online newspaper published by the students of the high school, has indicated that Principal Larry Wooldridge released the following statement to the students:

"Biology teacher Carrie Shafer has resigned from her teaching position at duPont Manual High School. The administration is in the process of working with JCPS to find a Biology Certified Substitute."

Shafer is expected to be in court on March 31st.