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If I Ruled the World (03-22-11)

What would you change if you ruled the world?  I mean, if you could just wave your hand and make certain things different, what would they be?  I think about this from time to time, and if I ruled the world here's what I'd do.

I'd put low risk prisoners to work cleaning up our highways all year long, patching potholes, and mowing grass at state facilities to save taxpayers money.

As long as you weren't trying to cut in at the front of a line, other drivers would let you merge instead of cutting you off.  It's just one way we can and should reciprocate civility in our society -- like holding a door for someone, writing a thank you note, and saying thank you to everyone instead of a select few.

All civil servants would be civil and not act like you're something they stepped in when they have to interact with you. 

And if I ruled the world, airlines would rediscover what customer service means.  They would try to make flying tolerable again by working harder to be on time, to serve at least an occasional snack and -- in short – they'd be more like Southwest.

So what would you change if you ruled the world?  Call us and let us know.  If it's good, we'll put it on the air tomorrow.

I'm Bill Lamb…and that's my Point of View.

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