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Good Intentions, Bad Law in Bullitt (3/29/11)

By now, most people know I strongly support anti-smoking laws in general and Louisville's in particular. The public health hazards associated with smoking are undeniable, and any law protecting people from second hand smoke deserves support.

However, I feel a bit differently about Bullitt County's recently-passed smoking ban.

Why? Because the Bullitt County ban was not put into place by the voters or their representatives, but by decree of the county's Board of Health – a group made up solely of appointees and volunteers. And while a majority of the board members are medical professionals with the good of the community at heart, I don't think people should be subject to laws into which they've had no input whatsoever.

I firmly believe the people of Bullitt County would be better off with a smoking ban in place. But I also think laws should be passed only by legislators or by the people directly.

Bullitt County Attorney Monica Robinson – who opposes the ban -- has stated in court that "we make no arguments on any of the health issues," claiming her opposition is based solely on legal grounds. Well, if that's truly the case, the lawmakers of Bullitt County can resolve this controversy by recognizing those health issues and passing their own ban.

That would not only be doing the right thing, but doing it the right way.

Call and let us know your opinion.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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