LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41) -- Disturbing details involving the slaughter of several cats have emerged now that video of a police interview with 24-year-old Alex Phelps has become public.

Phelps is charged with four counts of torturing a cat to death, a class D felony. He is being held at Metro Corrections and will be back in court in May.

During the interview, Phelps explained that he worked at Humana and provided agent support.

"Basically I answer phone calls for agents who sell Humana Medicare Advantage Plans all across the country, so basically in a nutshell, people who are too dumb and not licensed by the state to do their job. So an unlicensed licensed person as myself tells them how to do their job," he said.

At one point in the interview, Phelps compared his life to a television show.

"Do you ever see those television shows where, like, something will happen – okay? – and the audience knows everything that's happening to the main character, but everybody else in the television show is going along with the main plot assumption?" he asked. "This is one of those situations that, really quite unfortunately is one of those situations."

When asked if he would ever intentionally hurt an animal, he initially denied any such desire.

"I love animals. I love animals," he said. "I love animals more than I love people."

As the interview progressed, the police detective questioning Phelps began to apply more pressure.

"I want you to look at me and tell me why, in your apartment, where you live…why there's a bloody, covered-in-blood cat carrier behind your chair?" the detective asked.

Phelps said he put two cats in the carrier in the back of his truck and they began fighting. He said he eventually let the cats go and forgot about the carrier. Phelps said the whole thing happened at least a week earlier.

"This is fresh," the detective said.

"It can't be that fresh, dude," he said.

Eventually the conversation turned towards Phelps' desire to become a doctor.

"I have thought about it," he said. "Like neurosurgery or something in genetics or something like that. Basically to put my name in the history books for something awesome. That's the only way that you can achieve immortality."

As the detective pressed further in his belief that Phelps was responsible for the mutilated cats, Phelps resisted.

"You're going too fast and you're still assuming that I've done this," he said. "If I've done this, then I have been possessed by a spirit, or I have been taken over by nanites or aliens or something like that and I've done it without my knowledge or my memory has been wiped."

"You have some skill with the knife – I'll give you that," the detective said. "You possess surgical skills way beyond – say – me. A layman. An average person."

Eventually, Phelps began to share about his interest in cats -- an animal he called "fascinating." He said they can sense electromagnetic activity and that, as scientists began to understand this, it could open the door to human telepathy.

"They can pick out who is in their own family without smell and everything," he said.

Before long, Phelps admitted to killing the cats.

"I didn't mistreat them. They were not killed in an inhumane manner. They were put down," he said. "I didn't want them to suffer. They were already neglected enough."

"I severed the artery that went up to their brain, so they pretty much died from asphyxiation. It was pretty much like they went to sleep. The puncture wound to the neck causes them to lose oxygen to the brain in about 10 seconds and they go to sleep. They don't even feel themselves die."