LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB Fox 41) -- Fort Campbell soldiers are improving their skills of disposing explosives by competing.

Explosive Ordinance Disposal teams in Fort Campbell are working around the clock to prove they are the best in the Army.

They hit the ground running, performing test operations on a variety of different missions based on real-life scenarios in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Teams had to walk nine and a half miles to a weapons site, where they identified enemy explosives. They then safely disposed of them.

Crews also had to disarm suicide vests and IED's to earn points in the competition.

"Every decision, every thought process not only affects themselves, but it will affect soldiers that they're entrusted to make sure that they stay safe as well," says competition official Captain Jeremy Pinson.

The army hasn't been able to hold this competition for the past ten years.

EOD teams have been busy serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, where IED's are still the most deadly threat to American troops.