HOUSTON, TX. (CNN) -- A Lexington TV photographer covering the final four in Houston, becomes the news when he rescues someone from a burning car.

"The people inside were kicking the doors, the couldn't get them open, they were screaming for help," says WLEX-TV photographer Rob Cook.  He was 20 miles north of Houston when a car in front of him slammed into the highway wall.

Two people were trapped inside, and Rob was the first person on the scene: "So I grabbed the partially opened window on the passenger side and just pulled real hard and broke it enough that I could reach in and grab ahold of the lady, pulled her out pretty much on top of me as I fell backwards. She pretty much came out of the window that way."

Another passerby broke through the back window and got the man inside the car out as well.  Rob says, "We got the lady and gentleman up and got them several yards away from the car because it was starting to get really engulfed now."

Moments later, the car tires began exploding and the car went up in flames.  "Once they took off," Rob says, "they really took off. it was absolutely fully involved by the time the fire department could get here."

The man and woman were taken to the hospital and are expected to be all right.  As they were loaded into the ambulance, one of them looked at Rob and said, "Thank you."

After becoming part of the story, Rob says he's now looking forward to taking his place back behind the camera.

Other TV stations and newspapers have taken note of Rob's story, and have been interviewing him while he works in Texas.