LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41)-- A woman finds hundreds of mice feces inside a local grocery store.

"It was jut disgusting it turned my stomach. Me and a couple of other ladies parked our buggies and we left," said Cathy Nash, shopper.

Nash went grocery shopping at a Kroger in Pleasure Ridge Park on Terry Road Friday night and left without buying a thing.

But not before speaking to a manager.

"He said 'I just cleaned that last week.' and I was thinking to myself 'if you have a mouse problem that bad you need to be doing something everyday with it,'" said Nash.

Nash says the manager didn't seem to care about her concern.

"They acted like it was no big deal, no big deal at all," said Nash.

As they were shopping, her daughter, reached for some pudding.

"She reached up to get the pudding and there were mouse droppings on the side of her hand," said Nash.

Nash couldn't believe it and started poking around on the shelf.

"Hundreds. I seen hundreds of mice feces on a shelf where the pudding was. It wasn't just a few it was hundreds," Nash continued.

According to the Center for Disease Control, mice can carry many infectious diseases that can be passed on to humans through droppings and urine. The CDC says the waste must be cleaned thoroughly with bleach.

Fox 41 decided to see if the problem had been fixed, a day later. We can't take cameras inside the Kroger, so Rachel Collier went inside to investigate.

Collier says she went to the aisle with pudding and didn't see anything at first but pushed the puddings to the front, and saw the droppings.

The manager she spoke to said they only had one mouse that had already been caught.

After looking at the shelf himself, he told Collier that he would call pest control, throw all of the puddings away, and clean the shelves.@

The manager says pest control will be out by Monday.