The many serious problems plaguing the Jefferson County School System should have us worried -- because they directly damage society by interfering with our children's ability to become prepared to lead the next generation.

That's why we at Fox 41 plan to focus on these problems relentlessly in the coming months – in our editorials and our news coverage. And the most recent eye-opening revelation concerns school discipline.

Monday, Fox 41 News reported that JCPS imposed over 15,000 student suspensions last school year. That's shocking enough, but when you consider the school system has a financial incentive to keep as many kids in school as possible every day, you have to assume the level of unacceptable behavior is even higher.

And who's to blame? The parents.

Now I know most parents do teach their children to respect authority figures – and each other – and they should be treasured. But that still leaves far too many parents who know little about the responsibility of raising kids and seem to care even less.

The schools offer a place to learn. But the schools are powerless unless the students have been prepared to learn. JCPS has plenty of faults, but this is one that can't be fixed on their end no matter how many excellent teachers they hire. How can we get more parents to hold up their end of the social contract?

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I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.