LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41) -- Two key movements on the Ohio River Bridges Project took place on Thursday -- and one proposed change to the Big Four Bridge may save the project millions.

There's a proposal to move the pedestrian walkway from the planned downtown bridge to the Big Four Bridge instead -- and it could save, conservatively, between $28 million and $29 million.

Bridge leaders toured the site Thursday morning, optimistic as funding is already in place.

It would open in 2013.

Other ideas for savings include four lanes instead of six on the planned East End bridge and revamping Spaghetti Junction in its current place. All of this is on the table as German-based design firm Hoch Tief and French-Based firm Bouygues enter into meetings with bridge staff.

These sit-downs are follow-ups to February's bridge forum, where the goal was to bring in outside eyes to better the project and lower the price.

Savings are everything as taxpayers are expected to foot some of the $4 billion in project costs through tolls. 

Four more design companies are expected to meet with bridge leaders tomorrow.