I figure it's about time for a good, old fashioned, politically incorrect editorial that ticks a few people off.

Earlier in the week Fox 41 News ran a story about JCPS suspending over 15,000 kids last year for anything from inappropriate to illegal behavior. This is a much bigger problem than when I was a kid and certainly bigger than when my parents were children. So what did our parents or grandparents do differently back when the problems were much less common?

For one thing, they were there for us. They required that we do our homework and they attended parent/teacher conferences. For another, they made it clear that respecting adults was not optional.

My parents were loving, caring people, but if we misbehaved they didn't throw empty threats at us. They followed up and taught us that misbehaving has consequences.

They didn't know what "time outs" were. They carefully administered swift and sure smacks on the behind.

If we used inappropriate or disrespectful language we got a bar of soap stuck in our mouth.

If we misbehaved in school there were consequences for that behavior, not only at school but when we got home too.

I am talking about sure and swift correction for behaving badly because I know this: When misbehavior is not punished in the formative years it becomes a way of life later on.

I'm Bill Lamb…and that's my old fashioned point of view.