By: Katie Delaune -

LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB Fox 41) -- It happened in a quiet Okolona neighborhood on a peaceful Thursday afternoon.

But neighbors on Park Lake Circle tell FOX 41 News that, hours earlier, the FBI raided a two-story house -- banging on the door -- looking for the owner, Danny Druck. Neighbors say the agents had their assault rifles drawn but did not find Druck. The FBI questioned neighbors who tell us they asked if Druck had contact with neighborhood kids, and if they ever saw kids going inside his house.

"There's a lot of little kids who live in this circle," says neighbor Austin Johnson. He says children have been inside Druck's house, including his own cousin.

"They wouldn't stay for long," says Johnson. "They just get candy. That's it."

Sources tell us federal agents took a computer from the home. An hour after the raid, a state trooper returned to Druck's house and our source says he was in the back seat. Investigators took Druck inside the home and, when he walked out, our source says Druck was in handcuffs.

Neighbors were surprised to see the FBI raid, saying Druck is a good neighbor, living at this house for almost 15 years. They say he's quiet and lived alone.

"He usually just stays to himself," said one neighbor. "The only time I usually see him is when he gets out of his car and goes in his house."

Druck's last entry on his Facebook profile Tuesday was prolific, saying, "Sometimes Life gets complicated."

The local FBI confirms they executed a search warrant on Druck's home for the Indianapolis office, but say the warrant and affidavit have been sealed by a judge.