Coverage of severe weather Tuesday night caused WDRB to pre-empt "Glee." And that, unfortunately, sparked a flood of phone and email complaints, far too many of which were abusive, insulting or obscene. One said, and I quote, "We don't care about your southern viewers. Let someone else handle it."

Well, let me respond by saying -- we can't afford to be that selfish.

Everyone who got so upset needs to understand three things:

First, when severe weather threatens any portion of our viewing area, WDRB will always go with live coverage of the situation over regular programming. When forced to choose between entertainment and life saving information, information always wins.

Second, our viewing area encompasses 24 counties in Kentucky and 12 in Indiana. Just because your street isn't affected doesn't mean no one is.

And third, if you watched any of our competitors Tuesday night, you saw them take the same approach we did. They're also professionals who understand what it means to "broadcast in the public interest."

Anyone who thinks we irritate viewers deliberately doesn't have a clue about our business. We lost more than $20,000 in commercial revenue in that single evening, and believe me, that's not something any company takes lightly. But when public safety is at risk, money takes a back seat too.

And by the way, the episode of "Glee" you missed on Tuesday will air on WDRB Sunday evening at 5:00.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.