Louisville, KY (WDRB-TV) -- Cyber-bullying has become increasingly popular with students tormenting other kids online. But parents say they're fed up with bullying in local schools and want to band together to stop bullying caught on tape.

In a video posted on Facebook, a Seneca High School student comes up from the back of the bus on Monday and attacks freshman Hannah Boswell. The video has gone viral and students are commenting on it. At the same time, they're bullying Hannah on Facebook, through text messages, and in school.

Julie Boswell, Hannah's mother says, "Hannah is tired of it. I'm tired of it. All of us as parents should be." Hannah's mother says videos online illustrate just how bad bullying has become. She says after seeing the video of her child being hit numerous times, "I broke down and cried. This is not something I ever wanted to see."

For Hannah, the first incident was two weeks ago in the classroom, where her mother says she was knocked unconscious by another girl, possibly over a boy. Boswell says, "The girl attacked her from behind. We ended up at the hospital. She had a huge knot on her head."

Students are also using their phones to capture fights in the neighborhoods with people cheering them on. On YouTube, local kids are posting the videos. Therapists say it's become a way for bullies to get more attention. But little do bullies know, those videos can be used as evidence.

Donna Russow, a Family and Children's Place Director watched the video. She says kids treat bullying like a group sport, by egging the students on. "No one looked like they are trying to stop the young woman, that's disturbing to me."

Russow helps bullies and their victims. She says many parents don't believe their child could ever be a bully, and says you should believe the victim.

She says, "Some kids are attracted to bullies. They like to hang out with kids that have power but often times these kids are abused themselves." But she's also seen bullies come from good families.

Boswell says, "We need our children to stand up and say enough is enough. We need our parents to stand up and say enough is enough and get involved in these schools."

The Seneca student who attacked Hannah says she's currently suspended for 10 days because of bullying. She says she posted this video because her friends wanted to see it. She also says it's not that big of a deal because people get in fights every day. She's been charged with 4th Degree Assault and Hannah is hoping to transfer to a different school next year.

Hannah's mother says Seneca High School officials have been working on the case and have offered Hannah anything she needs. But Hannah's mother isn't sure if the problem can be resolved unless the other teen's parents get involved.