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The Fischer Budget – A Solid Start (6/9/11)

If Mayor Greg Fischer's recent budget proposal for Metro Louisville is any indication of his true priorities and fitness to lead, I'm very pleased with what I see.

Will everyone love it? Of course not – and that's the point. Fischer knows things like eliminating raises and requiring one-week furloughs are bound to upset a lot of people. But he also knows another year without raising taxes or fees doesn't come without a cost.

While many will question his expenditures on economic development, education and training when other projects are being cut, he knows these are all key elements of expanding our tax base, which is the only long-term solution to our economic crunch.

And he also understands that when there's not enough to go around, essential government services like police, fire protection and garbage collection must always take priority over discretionary items.

But what I really admire is Fischer's honesty in noting that this year's austere budget could be just the beginning, and that next year we could be seeing much bigger cuts in programs many have come to take for granted.

That's not a warm and fuzzy feel-good message. But it's the kind of thing we all need to know so we can plan ahead. And I'm glad he understands the value – and power – of straight talk.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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