posted by Stephan Johnson,

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41)--There's a fresh start coming to parts of west Louisville.  Now, instead of buying junk food and unhealthy snacks, people in the Shawnee neighborhood have a healthy choice for shopping.

There are clearly lots of options when it comes to buying healthy food and produce in other parts of Louisville.  But some say that is missing in the west end.  "That is one of the things that is lacking," says Rose Wright, longtime Shawnee resident.

Unfortunately, that has been the case for years in the Shawnee neighborhood.  "I have lettuce and apple, cabbage, celery, tomatoes."  Wright is particular about her fruits and vegetables but it has been a long time since she was able to find them at her neighborhood store.

"We go to like Kroger, we don't have any really set place that we can go and get produce." That all changed Thursday evening.  "We've got some scallions, some fresh peaches, we have yams today," says Nathaniel Spencer, Shawnee Fresh Stop Organizer.

Spencer is with the non profit group New Roots which is launched the Shawnee Fresh Stop.  It's located outside the Redeemer Lutheran Church at 3640 River Park Drive.  "We want to bring the healthiest food as possible into the city as a whole and especially in the urban community," says Spencer.

The goal is to not only bring a healthy choice to the Shawnee neighborhood, but also to change some eating habits.  "When people get hungry, they just want to go eat, they don't really think about what they're eating, they don't really care they just want to feed themselves."

That usually means filling up at the same place you fill up your gas tank.  "They get their chips, their cookies, their pops and they feel up on that and they're good but they're really not good."

But Spencer believes given this fresh option, people will make better choices and live healthier lives.  "My thing is that food is life."

"At least you have the choice to go somewhere and get vegetables that are fresh, garden fresh and not a whole lot of chemicals and things in 'em," says Wright. 

The Fresh Stop will be offered every two weeks to start.  It will mainly focus on pre-orders.