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Building Bridges – Won't SOMEBODY Lead? (6/30/11)

 Awhile back in one of my editorials, I said this:

"Our elected officials absolutely cannot seem to get anything done.  They talk about building two new bridges but more than a year after supposedly securing funds, not one shovel of dirt has been turned over."

You know what's scary about that?

That Point of View aired on Valentines Day…2006. More than five years ago. And even though many of the officials involved have changed, we're no closer to building those bridges now than we were then.

Never have I seen a public project beset by more stall tactics, indecision and wimpy leadership than this one. The constant delays have cost us millions of dollars in money already spent, and billions of dollars in the projected final cost of the project. And yet no one in power seems willing to step up and lead.

I'm tired of the inaction. Building bridges is one of the basic functions of government, and if our elected officials claim to be leaders, they should be out in front on this instead of hiding in the shadows hoping someone else will go first.

We'll never come up with a plan that will satisfy everyone. So it's time for those in charge to stop trying and finally make some hard choices so we can move on.

Because I don't want to be doing this same editorial in five more years.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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