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Beware The French Poodle Generation (7/5/11)

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It is said that the fastest way to make an enemy is to do someone a favor.  This is the position University Hospital may be in after being forced to cut back on some types of free or sharply discounted care to out-of-towners.  University Hospital's original mission was to provide a safety net for the uninsured primarily in Jefferson County.  But as more and more people from outside the county kept coming to University Hospital for free medical care, its cost for treating them spiraled to nearly $28 million last year.  And now the indigent population is mad.

People who can't pay their own way have come to feel entitled to this "free" service.  But it's not free.  Someone always has to pay for it. 

Our country was built by strong people.  The people who won World War Two are called the Greatest Generation.  They were tough and resilient, but today we've created what I call the French Poodle generation.  They are an entire class of people who simply couldn't survive without the help of government.

I'm all for treating our own people with compassion and for giving people a hand up, but we had better get this generation to depend less on the government and more on themselves or the French Poodles are going to take all of us down with them.

What are your thoughts?  Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb…and that's my Point of View.

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