Well, this past weekend Kentucky Speedway finally got the NASCAR Sprint Cup race it's been pursuing for years. But given the massive traffic disaster that ensued, I can't imagine a better illustration of the old warning, "Be careful what you wish for." 

This was a textbook example of bad planning at its worst. Even though track owner Bruton Smith called I-71 "the worst Interstate in America" on Friday, there was no attempt to publicize alternate routes to the track. There clearly wasn't adequate parking space to serve a Sprint Cup crowd.  And considering Smith predicted the race would attract more people than the Kentucky Derby, no one can say they were surprised by the turnout.

The simple fact is, Kentucky Speedway was completely unprepared to accommodate the number of people they – according to their pre-race boasts -- fully anticipated, and that's unconscionable. And despite the track's promise that next year will be better, anyone who experienced the magnitude of the problem has to wonder if they have the ability to make good on that pledge. Or if they should even be given a second chance.

I'd like to hear from the NASCAR fans out there. Should Kentucky Speedway be allowed to host future Sprint Cup events? If they do, will you give them a second chance? And if the answer is no, what would they have to do to change your mind?

Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.