LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- People who live in Louisville's poorest zip code are the focus of a new education initiative.

Monday, Simmons College and U of L announced a partnership with city leaders to help people in the 40203 zip code.  The goal is to help people who live there improve their quality of life through training and education. 

Louisville Metro Mayor Greg Fischer explains, "40203 has been identified recently as one of the poorest zip codes in the country.  If you are a competitor, which I am, and a lot of our citizens are here in Louisville, that is unacceptable and the way to change that is through education."

Former University of Kentucky great and NBA star Derrick Anderson is also bringing a film school to Simmons:  "They want to do music, they want to rap.  Here's the opportunity to learn how to do those things, learn how to become your own boss, do your paperwork right, get all these things done and I think that gives them a lot of incentives."

Simmons President Dr. Kevin Cosby says, "Since Simmons is located right there in the 40203 zip code then Simmons poised to be a bridge of opportunity for those who are languishing in poverty."

Anderson says Hollywood heavyweights like Denzel Washington and Ashley Judd have committed to speak to film students at Simmons.