posted by Stephan Johnson,

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)--Last year it was a mess, but this year it should be easier for Jefferson County Public School students to find the bus stop on the first day of school.  All you need is a computer, your address and school name.  That information will help you find where your child needs to be.

"My 6th grade student, we don't know where her bus is going to come as of yet," says William Burrus, JCPS Parent.  William Burrus is determined to figure things out with his daughter's bus stop before school starts next month.

"Last year we had situations with the bus where she didn't get home until really late in the day."

Finding his daughter or son's bus stops shouldn't be a problem this year with Jefferson County Public School's Bus Finder.  "Tells me right were he is supposed to go, tells me the distance, his bus number, the time the bus comes. This is great information."

"We were asked to try to make bus finder more friendly," says Rick Caple, Director, Transportation Services JCPS.

JCPS transportation officials upgraded the site after complaints from parents about finding bus stops according to Caple.

"A lot of our parents do not know the neighborhoods.  The old bus finder you had to roll through a number of different buses so they wanted something simple."

The web site shows parents up to three bus stops within a quarter-mile of their pick-up and drop-off address for elementary students, and a half mile for middle and high schools.

"And you can pick and choose based on what comes up.  Some people get one some people get a maximum of three."

With the student assignment plan and so many buses and stops things could get tricky the first few days of school.  "We have routes magnet schools and schools of choice and also neighborhood schools.  Those bus stops can vary depending on where you want to go to school."

William Burrus now feels much better about sending his children out of the house for the first day of school in just a few weeks.  "At least we'll know where to go, what time to go and everything as soon as we can get 'em is better," says Burrus.

Students at JCPS go back to school on August 15.@