West-End residents woke up Wednesday to a miserable combination of steamy temperatures and storm debris.

"On our way downstairs I heard a loud explosion and a boom," said Jon-Eric Bradford.  "I didn't know what it was. Then the power went out."

That noise turned out to be a tree crashing down in Bradford's front yard. It left a mess, and it also left him without electricity. Stuck with nowhere else to go, Bradford chose stay outside while waiting for it to come back on.

"It doesn't feel that bad inside, but when you start moving around it does," said Bradford. "I came outside to get away from the heat which is sad considering it's probably hotter in my house than it is outside right now."

His misery was shared by many in the area. About 13,000 people in Kentuckiana lost power at some point Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. Some unlucky souls were still sweating it out during the heat of the afternoon.

"No, it's not fun. It's not fun," said Tommy Johnson.

With LG&E preoccupied, Tommy Johnson enlisted some friends to help with his home.  He was also left sweltering after a tree downed his power line.

"It was loud definitely. It settled over for a while, and it just moved on out. It was quick, but it did quite a bit of damage," said Johnson.

His situation proved to be the exception. Most had their electricity back by Wednesday afternoon. Much of the power was restored, but the cleanup work was still continuing in the West End, where they were clearing tree and getting them out of the way.

Meanwhile, Bradford said he will tough it out alone. His wife won't come back until the mess is cleaned up, and the power's back. He says that's fine with him.

"I don't want an angry pregnant wife in my house."