The debate in Washington over the debt ceiling is a sad affair.  With a pressing issue in need of resolution, the politicians we've sent there to tend to the nation's business cannot fix the problem. 

Instead, they can only see this crisis as a way to either score political points or come out of it looking bad to voters.  It is first and foremost leverage for power.  For Republicans it is a juicy chance to make the President look bad.  For Democrats, it's the leverage they need to raise taxes.

Well, I'm not running for anything.  I'm neither a registered Republican nor a Democrat.  So with no political agenda I'll tell you what I think we need to do. 

First, we need to raise the debt ceiling slightly to make sure we don't default on any promises.  Second, we need to begin the process of dramatically reducing what the government spends.  The government simply can be everyone's safety net.  Finally, we need to raise taxes slightly.  Nobody said this mess would be easy to get out of and we must have some shared sacrifice.  In 2009, 47% of Americans effectively paid zero federal taxes.  That is simply not sustainable.

The shame here is that while nothing is being accomplished, and as the clock keeps ticking, both sides think they're winning. Well, I don't care who the winners are if the United States winds up losing.

I'm Bill Lamb…and that's my Point of View.