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How heat can turn deadly

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By: Rachel Collier -

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41)--The heat is not just dangerous -- doctors say it can be deadly.  But you can recognize the signs of heat exhaustion.

On Wednesday alone, Norton Healthcare facilities saw 12 patients for heat exposure. The heat is miserable, but it can be dangerous for people who have to work in it.

Mowing lawns is hot, sweaty, nasty work, and that is not even Paul Vale's normal job. But lawns need to be cut, and dear old dad needed some help. "He's the boss, and keeps me going all day," said Vail.

All day, they keep drinking. "I think I drank eight Gatorades yesterday and I never used the restroom, okay that's a rough sign," said Vance.

A Trinity High School teacher, he is more comfortable in cooled-off classrooms.

Ben Luking, of Luking Outdoor Services, has several crews to worry about. "We tend to take more breaks, try to do jobs in the shade if we have them," said Luking.

Each crew depends on a five gallon jug of water to let them know when it's time to call it quits. "Usually that's the end of the day. No more water," said Luking, "no more work."

But what is the difference from just being hot and being overheated? "When people are overheated they start breathing a little faster, (and) the heart rate increases," said Dr. Soraya Nasraty with Norton Healthcare. She also says people can feel nauseated, and even vomit. She says heat stroke can send someone to the hospital, and even cause death.

It may not be the coolest work, but Vail says it has a few perks at the end of the day. "When I go home and I open the door the air conditioning feels awesome!"

Luking says he drinks plenty of water at night before heading into work the next day. Dr. Nasraty says another quick way to cool down is to press an ice pack on your upper body, to take your body temperature back down.

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