By Barry Bernson WDRB News  

Rick is a five-year-old German Shepherd with a ferocious attitude. He's trained as a protection dog, showing how he can intimidate a bad guy. He's so focused, somebody else can pet Rick without fear.

Rick's just one success story at Dog Training Kentucky, the Harvard of obedience, where David Harris turns out some of the best dogs in the world.

"I've been training dogs for 25 years," Harris says. "The true joy here is to help people enjoy their dogs the way I enjoy my dogs."

These dogs are so smart, alert and obedient, it's scary. Watch Pepsi, barely out of puppyhood at age two, responding instantly to David's commands.

"Down. Over. Sit. Up. Down. Over. Heel. OK!"

Harris's son Aric shows Pepsi is also a champion protection dog.

BB: "You've trained her to attack bad guys."
Aric Harris: "Not just a regular guy standing on the street, you've got to have a little bit different disposition about you to bait her in there."

She hits like an NFL Linebacker -- and she weighs only 83 pounds.

Now meet Emma, a two-year-old standard Schnauzer who can pick one object out of a dozen identical ones. Only the most advanced dogs can do this scent discrimination. What's the secret to extreme canine training?

"What we look for is motivation," Harris says. "Every dog is different. Like every person is different. Each dog has a different source of motivation. Some dogs like a ball, like Pepsi, some dogs are food motivated, some dogs like to play tug-of-war, some dogs simply like a pet on the head -- we have to find a source of motivation."

Harris says the biggest training mistake dog owners make is having low expectations. He clearly expects a lot from his dogs. Does he prefer dealing with dogs or people?  "Well, dogs are definitely more honest. Ha ha! There's no doubt about that!"

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