Louisville, KY (WDRB) -- Getting into the back to school routine isn't easy for many families.

WDRB's School Smarts series continues as Lindsay Allen explains how your family can be the envy of the neighborhood.

Everyone knows those families who seem to have it all together.

The parents look happy the kids excel academically and on the soccer field --and you're left wondering how do they do that?

With a little guidance and experience, you too can run a successful household.

Football, cheerleading and volleyball-Oh my!

The lazy days of summer are almost over and just thinking about your family's back to school schedule is enough to give you a headache.

But LeAnn and Mike Magre can now leave the aspirin in the medicine cabinet.

Their family follows a few simple rules.

Mike Magre says, "Before the week we talk about what's the week going to be like, and we'll sit down and see who's got the kids who's doing what and I think that's really the key.

Donna Russow with Louisville's Family and Children's place says there are do's and don't's to live by.  First of all, DO keep a calendar.  She says, "I think some kind of a message center is really nice, maybe it's the refrigerator, but some kind of memo board or something where people post what they're going to be doing.

But Russow warns, DONT fall into the trap of over scheduling.  One or two extracurricular activities per child is usually enough.   DO ask for help-carpooling can save time and your sanity.

Do keep a routine-and set a time for homework. But don't hold younger kids hostage at the kitchen table. Russow suggests that, "some children can not just sit for hours and do homework especially with younger kids every 15 or 20 minutes they may need to go do something.

Don't underestimate the power of sleep.

And when all of that flies out the window- be flexible.

Remember  that "Super mom" doesn't exist.

Even if you already have everyone fooled.