LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- PETA protested outside of Leather Heads on Bardstown Road, with members lying naked in coffins decorated with flowers and holding signs that say, "We wouldn't be caught dead in animal skins."

The group says it wants to make people think twice before buying animal products.  Lauren Stroyeck of PETA explains, "There's nothing stylish or fashionable about killing animals for vanity, especially when there are so many synthetics available that are not only more durable and eco-friendly but are cruelty-free as well."

But not everyone agrees with this public display.  Counter-protester Karl Otto said, "We felt kind of like a bully thing.  We totally believe in animal rights and animals, but we don't believe picking on small businesses when the target seems to be big corporate machines."

The other group decided to hold their own protest and held signs saying, "Eat Meat."

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