LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Jefferson County students finally get back to school today, and the hope was that bus service would run smoothly without a repeat of last year's problems.  The district confirms a Stonestreet Elementary student got off at the wrong school this morning, but was he was always supervised.

About 960 buses transport more than 66,000 students to each of their schools and make sure they get to the correct school. Additional buses may have to be added after the first days of school depending on the increase in ridership, which has steadily grown the last five years.

After the problems during the first day last year, JCPS has implemented a new tagging system design to make sure everyone involved in getting students to and from home know which bus students should be on.

In addition, several other changes have been made to make the communication system between bus drivers, supervisors and parents better.  Radios are now installed on every bus allowing the drivers to communicate directly with their bus compound.  There are also more radio channels.

Transportation Director Rick Caple says the real challenge comes this afternoon when students are heading somewhere different than the bus stop where they got on this morning:  "It could be home to daycare or daycare to home, going to Granny's, so it's very difficult for us to do the first day of school and make sure we get everything correct."

Mike Mulheirn of JCPS Transportation says they wanted to make things easier for parents when they posted the bus routes a month ago.

"We got our routes out on July 15th to be able to start planning what the bus number was, where the bus stop was," Mulheirn says. "Whatever the bus number and stop was back in July, that bus didn't change or the stop. Now the time might've changed. That's why we always ask people to go back and check before school starts.

If you have any questions about your child on a bus, you are asked to call the JCPS Transportation Hotline at 485-RIDE.