A University of Louisville football coach has been connected to a brewing scandal at the University of Miami. A former Miami booster claims he showered players with all sorts of improper gifts and benefits. He says Clint Hurtt, now with U of L, knew all about it, and even used the booster to lure players to Miami.

Nevin Shapiro, a convicted felon serving time for a 900 million dollar ponzi scheme, has made accusations that could devastate the Miami Hurricane football program. He told Yahoo Sports he provided dozens of players with gifts like cars and cash. Shapiro also says he was good friends with U of L defensive line coach Clint Hurtt, a Miami assistant from 2006 to 2009.

"Clint was the liaison between myself and recruits that were coming to check out Miami. He would arrange for them to come check out my house," said Shapiro.

Shapiro owned a $6 million mansion, and told Yahoo Hurtt brought players there during recruiting trips. He also says on several occasions he paid for Hurtt to take recruits to expensive restaurants.

Shapiro claims he even loaned Hurtt thousands of dollars, which the coach eventually repaid.

"We haven't even had a game played before his name is thrown into all of these allegations," said ESPN 680 host Jason Anderson.

The scandal was the hot topic Wednesday afternoon on local sports talk radio shows like Anderson's.             

"Honestly, I think Charlie Strong could get another guy to do as good a job, and maybe they should separate themselves from him in case something does come out later," said one caller.

Anderson says that might be easier said than done.  Hurtt was named recruiter of the year for the class of 2011 by ESPN, but his methods are now being questioned.

"Louisville's got the best recruiting class they've ever had," said Anderson. "and he's named the ESPN recruiter of the year, and they got ten kids out of Miami? Huh. Is something going on here that we don't know about?"

U of L's Athletic Director Tom Ulrich did release a statement Wednesday evening. He says, "We are aware of the Yahoo! Sports story and take these allegations very seriously. The NCAA has informed us that they wish to speak with Clint Hurtt regarding his time at the University of Miami and we will cooperate fully throughout this process."

He says NCAA bylaws will prevent the university from making any further comment.