LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- If you're having trouble seeing that doughnut cheeseburger or your corndog looks a bit blurry... you're in luck.

Free eye screenings are being offered at the Kentucky State Fair. The booth set up by the Lions Club tests your eye sight and even includes screenings for glaucoma. It's only a screening - so they might recommend you see an eye doctor. The Lions Club helps people who can't afford eye glasses.

"I think booths like this are very important at the state fair because each year, I think when people come in, it's something that they look for. You have cancer screening, eye screenings, that's something people look for. It's very important at the state fair," says Chuck Carlson of the Kentucky Lions Club Foundation.

Each year, the fair offers dozens of free health-related services at the fair. It's part of an effort to help ensure Kentuckians stay healthy.

WDRB News Day at the Fair is this Wednesday August 24th. Come on out to the expo center, we'd love to meet you.