People generally disapprove of stealing. We don't tend to make heroes of burglars, welfare cheats or con men.

Which is why I'm confused about much of the reaction to the case of the Jefferson County man accused of lying about his residence so he could enroll his son in the Oldham County School System.

On many message boards – including our own – many have defended him, claiming he was right to do whatever he could to avoid what they consider to be the "substandard" Jefferson County Public Schools. But I think these people are missing the point.

Let's be clear – no one's guilt has been decided yet. And I know there's dissatisfaction over many problems facing Jefferson County's school system. But condoning stealing from another school system is not an acceptable response.

And stealing is what this man has been doing for eight years if he's taken advantage of the limited resources of a county to which he's paid no taxes.

I'd be willing to bet most of the folks defending this guy would be the first to claim we should get a lot tougher on illegal immigrants who are stealing government services. But what, exactly, is the difference?

We don't accept the excuses of bank robbers that they were only trying to provide better for their kids, and I don't think that argument should work here either.

But what do you think? Call and let us know. 

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.