LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- The 75-year-old woman, Nettie Luckett, accused of shooting and killing her son-in-law is now charged with murder. 

Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson says a dispute led to the shooting.  He says it was not accidental or in self-defense.

49-year-old Douglas Randolph was found shot to death inside Luckett's home on Culbertson Avenue late Sunday night. She had lived there since 1979.

According to court documents obtained by WDRB, Luckett called 911 and was standing in the door when officers arrived, and she told police she had just shot her son in-law.

The Floyd Circuit Courtroom was packed with her family members and neighbors on Wednesday. Some were upset that the judge denied her attorney's motion to set bond. Her attorney said she was not a flight risk and didn't have a lot of money, as she just gets $500 a month from Social Security.

She has lived in New Albany all her life and has five children and 11 grandchildren.  Luckett acknowledged in court she understood the severity of the murder charge. Her next court date is in October. Her trial is set for January of 2012. 

Crystal Moss, Luckett's daughter, says, "I will say in the opinion of everyone we know and our family, we feel that this was a stupid accident that occurred. More details will come out during the trial."

Police say Luckett used a .38 caliber handgun to commit the crime. She had recently purchased it. The Floyd County Coroner says Luckett shot the victim once in the back of the head.

Luckett made no comments while she walked in and out of the courtroom in an orange jumpsuit. She was handcuffed and shackled. A family member yelled out,  "I love you Granny," while she walked down the hall.

Family members say they have not had a chance to talk with her yet. They think visitation rights will start on Saturday.

The families released a statement Tuesday thanking everyone for their concerns and prayers.  They say they are mourning the loss of a beloved husband, father, son, and grandfather while grieving the life-changing tragedy. They asked for continued thoughts and prayers as they try to cope with their heartbreak over the horrific event.

If convicted, Luckett faces a sentence of 45 to 65 years with a fine of up to $10,000.

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