LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) -- A mother who admitted assaulting a JCPS bus driver, Johnetta Anderson, over her child being bullied, was sentenced to five years probation and thirty days in Metro Corrections.  That time will be served only on weekends.

Chesica White said in court, "I would like to apologize to Miss Johnetta Anderson for, you know, pulling her off the bus and, you know, and making things hectic for both of us."

In June, White pleaded guilty to two counts of assault for injuring Anderson.  Police say White and her 12-year-old daughter dragged Anderson off the bus earlier this year by her ankles.

White told Judge McKay Chauvin she didn't mean to hurt Anderson.

Anderson said tearfully, "I'm sorry it ever got to this point. I have kids of my own, I would do anything for them. But to run up on the bus, I'm feeling like I'm being attacked. I've got to protect the 19 kids on my bus. I'm going to make sure that nobody gets hurt."

White said, "My son was being bullied. If anyone in this room put their self in his shoes, in my shoes, no one knows what they would do in that moment."

White's family members and friends also spoke out in court, trying to explain White's actions.

But Judge Chauvin said, "I'm going to stop you, you're not helping. What you are telling me is how angry Ms. White was when she went to the bus."

He said, "I really don't think this is the kind of thing we send people to prison for. It's just not in the league of things that qualify for that serious of a punishment at this time." He could have sentenced to her to one year behind bars.

White said, "I wish it never came to this. If the school system would've done the proper things it would have done, I wouldn't have never made it to the bus."

White was visibly upset at the judge's decision, and would not comment afterwards.  If she violates probation, she will spend three years in jail.

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