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Politics is More Than a Game (9/1/11)

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Ideas used to count for something in our electoral process. But now, candidates gain office far too often based solely upon their ability to sling mud effectively, craft polished media images, dodge debates or avoid answering tough questions.

Here in Kentucky, where we rank near the bottom in critical categories like education and quality of health, we can't afford that approach any longer. I don't care who's best at "playing the system." I want to know who's most capable.

With another governor's race in full swing, here are the questions I have for each candidate:

1) What's YOUR plan to drastically improve education in Kentucky?

2) What's YOUR plan to help erase our reputation as one of the national's unhealthiest states?

3) And what's YOUR plan to generate the new revenue we'll need to accomplish these goals?

In short, what will YOU do to make us all as happy about your win four years from now as we are on election night?

Just give me straight, sensible answers to those questions, and you'll have my vote, regardless of your party, or how clever your commercials are.

Anyone should be electable if he or she can present a solid case to the voting public. But as long as we continue to allow ourselves to be distracted by trivia, we will never get candidates as enthused about doing the job as they are in just winning it.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my…Point of View.

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