LOUISVILLE, KY (WDRB) – The process to remove embattled councilwoman Judy Green gets under way next week, and there's plenty of legal wrangling going on prior to her hearing.

Green was subpoenaed for documents related to her alleged violations, and was supposed to turn them in by six o'clock Tuesday evening.  She says she simply doesn't have most of the paperwork the council requested.

Before her removal hearing starts September 12, the committee which will determine Green's fate wanted to see some of her records. A commission has already determined that she violated city ethics rules and misused grant money.

Green was subpoenaed for tax returns, emails, credit records and photos related to those violations. On Tuesday, her attorney handed in a letter saying Green simply doesn't have what the committee is looking for.            

What she does have is support from many of her constituents.

"Judy Green is not doing anything wrong," said one man. "She's doing everything that everyone else has done, but she's been singled out."

Several of her supporters spoke out Tuesday, saying Green is being unfairly persecuted, and they are planning a rally later this week.

"It's not over," said supporter Denita Wright. "They have awakened a sleeping giant. And we want you to know we know what happened. We know what's going on, and this is just the beginning."

But by not providing the subpoenaed evidence, the Council Court says it may be more difficult for Green to defend herself during next week's hearing, and it looks like that hearing will proceed with or without her participation. 

The Jefferson County attorney says even if Green resigns, the removal hearing can still be held.

The county attorney also says that if Green is removed from office, she can not run for council again until 2014.

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